The French Charles de Gaulle aircraft carrier group makes a port call in Cyprus [el] [fr] [tr]

► From the 21st of February 2020 until the 26th part of the French aircraft carrier group composed notably of aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, supply ship Var and Greek navy frigate Psara will make a port call in Limassol. The multi-mission Frigate Auvergne will dock in Larnaca.

► After leaving Toulon on the 21st of January 2020 the aircraft carrier group forming Task Force 473 around aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle has been conducting operations in the Middle East for the last four weeks as part of the international coalition against ISIS (Inherent resolve), before it sailed to the Cypriot port of Limassol for a five days port call.

► The port call of aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in Limassol illustrates the close relationship between France and Cyprus as part of the European Union. During its presence in the vicinity of Cyprus, the French aircraft carrier group has been conducting several exercises with the Cypriot National Guard.



On departure from Toulon, the air and naval group was composed of the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle, the on-board air group, the multi-mission frigate (FREMM) Auvergne, the air defense frigate (FDA) Chevalier Paul, the command and supply ship (BCR) Var, the Greek frigate HS Spetsai and a nuclear attack submarine. Throughout the deployment, various French* and foreign ships (German, American, Belgian, Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese) as well as a maritime patrol aircraft Atlantique 2 will accompany or interact with the naval air group.

The on-board air group comprises 20 Rafale Marine, 2 E-2C Hawkeye aircraft, 1 Marine Cayman helicopter (NH90) and 2 Dauphin Pedro helicopters.

*the BCR Somme, the BCR Marne, the FREMM Bretagne, the FREMM Normandie, the light stealth frigate (FLF) Surcouf, the anti-submarine frigate (FASM) La Motte-Picquet.


The French Navy is permanently engaged on the world’s seas to:
- deter: at least one nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine (SNLE) has been permanently deployed since 1972;
- protect: all Navy units contribute to the protection of the French people and the territory (maritime defense of the territory, defense of sovereignty, fight against trafficking at sea, protection of human life);
- intervene: at sea, over land (participation in land operations by on board aircrafts and maritime patrol aircrafts) and on land (navy commandos).
The Navy is permanently active and thus participates in intelligence gathering, the evaluation of the strategic context and France’s international influence.
The French Navy consists of: 39,000 sailors; 10 submarines; 74 combat and support ships; nearly 200 fighter, patrol and surveillance aircraft and helicopters.
365 days a year, 24 hours a day, on all the oceans and seas of the globe, the French Navy has 35 ships at sea, at least 1 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarine on patrol, 5 aircraft in the air, riflemen and naval commandos deployed, i.e. nearly 4,500 sailors on, under and over the sea and on land to preserve France’s interests and guarantee the security of all French people - including abroad.
To maintain its know-how and operational capacity, the Navy recruits future sailors every year in more than 50 specialties. It relies on the network of 45 Armed Forces Information and Recruitment Centres (CIRFA) located in mainland France and overseas.

publié le 27/04/2020

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