The Ambassador of France presents his Letters of Credence to the President of the Republic of Cyprus [el]

The Ambassador of France to Cyprus, Mr. René Troccaz, presented his Letters of Credence to the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasides, February 12th 2016.


Statement by Mr. René Troccaz, French Ambassador to Cyprus

on the occasion of the presentation of his Letters of Credence
to his E. Mr. Nicos Anastasiades, President of the Republic of Cyprus

Friday February 12th 2016

I have the honour to present to Your Excellency the Letters of Credence by which His Excellency the President of the French Republic, Mister François Hollande, accredits me as Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the French Republic to the Republic of Cyprus, as well as the Letters of Recall of my predecessor.
It is a great honour and a privilege to represent France in Cyprus. The excellent and close relationship that our two countries have enjoyed for a long time are destined to continue, to diversify and to deepen even further. That is the purpose of my mission, for which I shall spare no effort.

I am aware that I take up my duties at a time when very important political developments are taking place in Cyprus, while you are, Mister President, fully committed to the negotiation process that aims at the island’s reunification, a process which intensified considerably in 2015. As the representative of a friendly country, a member of the European Union but also a permanent member of the United Nations Security Council, I want to state once again France’s full support to the ongoing efforts towards the reunification of your country, in the framework of a bizonal and bicommunal federation, in accordance with the parameters agreed upon by the relevant Security Council resolutions and the Joint declaration of February 2014. France welcomes the progress already achieved at the negotiating table and wishes full success to the negotiations. Their success would not only bring peace, prosperity and security to the Cypriots, but it would at last bring about the end of a conflict that has mobilized the attention of the international community for more than forty years, and would contribute to the stability of the region.

I wish, furthermore, to express once again how deeply grateful the French authorities are for the solidarity which you showed during the year 2015, when France was hit by the dreadful terrorist attacks of January and November. The solidarity of the Cypriot people and authorities for the French people illustrated the common values that form the basis of the friendship between our two countries. Under these particular and tragic circumstances, France could count on Cyprus’ support in the fight against terrorism and on concrete support to its course of action, especially through the numerous calls and stopovers of French military ships and aircraft on the island. Our country is very grateful to you for it, as the President of the French Republic told you in person during your meeting at Larnaca on December 4th 2015.

What characterizes our bilateral political dialogue is a real convergence of views and a widely shared analysis of the main stakes and challenges at the regional and global level. This dialogue lies within the wider framework of the European Union, which both our countries wish to deepen for the well-being of our citizens and the spreading of our values. The informal coordination of the EU Mediterranean countries through the Med-Group, which you initiated and which will meet shortly in Cyprus, following its meeting in Paris in 2015, is an illustration of this shared European ambition.
Economic and trade relations between France and Cyprus offer new opportunities to our partnership. Thus, oil and gas prospection which, beyond its commercial aspects, includes an important strategic dimension, offers real perspectives for the development of our trade and our cooperation. Other sectors, such as tourism, hold strong potential which is ours to fulfil.

Moreover, our common membership of the French-speaking family, reinforced since 2006 by your country’s adhesion, as an associate member, to the International Organisation of La Francophonie, should contribute to the expanded influence of the French language in Cyprus. In this regard, the French authorities welcome the fact that the teaching of French remains mandatory in the Cypriot education system, and they are delighted by the success of the French-Cypriot School of Nicosia, which was inaugurated in September 2012 and symbolizes the excellent level of our bilateral cooperation. Lastly, our long-standing common work in the field of archeology, which founded our cultural cooperation, stands as a model of bilateral partnership and should inspire a new momentum for our exchanges in the scientific field./.


publié le 12/02/2016

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