Statement of the Embassy of France on the occasion of May, 15th [el]

On the occasion of the 15 May 2016, which marks the first year of the resumption of the talks for a Cyprus settlement under the UN auspices, the Ambassador of France in Cyprus reiterates the firm support of his country to the reunification of the island. France, as a long-standing friend of Cyprus, as a permanent member of the UN Security Council and a founding member of the European Union, expresses its sincere hope that the negotiation process, led by the leaders of the Cypriot communities, will be successfully concluded.

The reunification of the island would be very positive for the wellbeing of Cypriots, for their security and their prosperity. It would furthermore represent a very important achievement for the regional stability and serve as an example all around the world.

We commend the commitment of the two leaders as well as their vision for a reunified island, and welcome the progresses made since the restart of the negotiations.

We are confident that both leaders and their negotiating teams, assisted by the United Nations Good Offices mission, will continue their efforts to end the division of the island. They have spared no effort in this endeavour and deserve the support of the whole international community. This is why France praises also the firm support of the European Union to the negotiating process and sees very positively the increasing attention paid to the European dimension of the settlement talks.”

publié le 19/05/2016

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