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Mid-term symposium of MISTRALS, this event is an important milestone in the reflection on actions already implemented and its future directions.

MISTRALS – Mediterranean Integrated STudies at Regional And Local Scales - is an international meta-program of interdisciplinary research and systematic observations dedicated to the understanding of the environmental processes in the Mediterranean Basin under the global change pressure, in order to predict the future environment as well as mitigation processes for the sustainability of the Mediterranean Basin.
This conference is a key event in the life of the meta-program, arriving now at its mid-term, since it was initially planned for a period of 10 years running from 2010 to 2020.

This conference will present an overview of research and actions conducted within the 8 thematic MISTRALS programs, as well as the MISTRALS prospective and its roadmap for the next 5 years. This event follows the MedCOP21 held in June 2015 at the Villa Méditerranée, and is a scientific answer of most questions asked about the changing environment in the Mediterranean Basin under the global change pressure.

A two-step event, on 3 days:

Two-day symposium to present results, issues and prospects of the MISTRALS programs and ENVIMED projects,
One day of prospective restitution, in order to draw the future MISTRALS for the next 5 years
Posters exhibition
Exhibition of scientific investigation equipment used by MISTRALS researchers
Science photo contest

Expected audience:

400 people
Scientists and policy makers, research organisms and funding agencies, international and regional Mediterranean authorities

MISTRALS contacts :

Etienne RUELLAN, Scientific Director
01 45 07 51 33

Véronique CHAGUE, Cooperation officer
01 45 07 49 28

MISTRALS in a few words: « A decade to observe, understand and anticipate the Mediterranean habitability over a century »

Facts and numbers :

A decadal meta-program; more than 1,000 scientists involved since 5 years of operational existence ; yearly observation and measurement campaigns allowing development of observation and information systems on, for non-exhaustive examples : extreme events, atmosphere pollution, biodiversity, and anthropization ; 23 euro-Mediterranean countries involved.

Why and how MISTRALS ?

MISTRALS is an interdisciplinary meta-program for systematic observations and research dedicated to the Mediterranean Region:
• To anticipate, at the Mediterranean Region scale, the consequence of the global change
• To answer societal challenges related to the future of the Mediterranean under global change pressures,
• Challenges cover highly priorities to answer such as resources sustaining, pollution fighting, landscapes uses,
• Based on research and its translation into applications and actions covering population needs for the development and the sustainability of the Mediterranean countries under climate change and globalization forcings.

MISTRALS is organized around programs covering highly priorities topics developed in accordance with the societal and environmental needs of the partner countries, such as:

• Resources sustainability
• Sustainable farming and land uses
• Water and resources management
• Regional patterns for climate evolution
• Earth’s deep processes and impacts on environment
• Natural risks prevention
• Resilience of sea and atmosphere to perturbations, and evolution of their bio-geo-chemistry
• Anthropization and sustainability of natural and anthropized lands
• Biodiversity and environmental forcings on ecosystems

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