Press conference to launch the month of the Francophonie (24/02/2015) [el] [fr]


The Ambassador of France in Cyprus, Mr. Jean-Luc Florent, attended, as he does every year, the press conference organized by the Cypriot ministry of Culture and Education for the launch of the month of the Francophonie, in presence of the Minister, Mr. Costas Kadis, of the Republic of Cyprus’ representative to the Permanent Council of the Francophonie, Mr. Andreas Pirishis, the Political Director of the ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Cyprus and the Ambassadors of Lebanon and Belgium.


In his speech, following the Minister’s address, who reiterated the commitment of the Republic of Cyprus to the work of the International Organization of the Francophonie, the Ambassador warmly thanked the Cypriot authorities for their commitment in this domain and their support to the French-Cypriot School of Nicosia. The Ambassador emphasized also that the diversity of the month of the Francophonie’ artistic program showed its dynamism and the geographic and cultural diversity of the francophone production. This was a further illustration of the message sent by the Francophonie based on diversity, plurality, and openness to other cultures.

publié le 02/03/2015

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