President Anastasiades visits Paris - 6 November 2017 [fr]

The Cypriot President went to France for an official visit on 6 November

During his visit, the President Anastasiades met with the CEO of Total, Mr Pouyanné, and he gave an interview to the newspaper Le Figaro.

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President Anastasiades at the Louvre Museum - November 6, 2017

He also visited the Cypriot antiquities Hall and especially the Amathonte’s vase.

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President Anastasiades at the Louvre Museum - November 6, 2017

Cyprus and France maintain a long and active cooperation in archaeology. France has four archaeological missions in Cyprus. This contribution to the study of archeology and the history of the island, one of the richest cradles of civilization, is part of a fruitful cooperation with the Department of Antiquities of Cyprus. The excavations take place in Paphos, Amathonte, Kition and Klimonas. The main French partners are the French School of Athens, the National Center for Scientific Research (CNRS) and the University Avignon et des Pays de Vaucluse. The publications from these works have an important international influence.

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Meeting between President Macron and President Anastasiades La Mure/MEAE

Finally, he met President Macron at the Elysée.

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Meeting between the two presidents at the Elysée

At the end of this meeting, the two presidents gave a press conference. The French President stressed that the bilateral relationship between France and Cyprus are excellent.

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Press conference

This is the fourth bilateral visit in 2 years between French and Cypriot Heads of State.

publié le 09/11/2017

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