Meeting between Président François Hollande and Président Nicos Anastasiades [el] [fr]

On the occasion of his stop over in Cyprus, on his way back from the aricraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (4 December 2015)

The President of the Republic of France, Mr. François Hollande, met with his Cypriot counterpart, President Nicos Anastasiades on December, 4th 2015, during his stopover in Cyprus on his way back from the visit he made on the aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle in Esatern Mediterranean. This meeting was held in presence of the Minister of Defence, Mr. Jean-Yves Le Drian, of the President personal Chief of Staff, General Puga, and of the Ambassador of France in Cyprus, Mr. Jean Luc Florent on the French side. On the Cypriot side, the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Ioannis Kasoulides, and the Minister of Defence, Mr Christoforos Fokaïdes, together with the Deputy Spokesman, Mr. Viktoras Papadopoulos, also joined the meeting.

The discussion gave the President to opportunity to underline France’s appreciation of the solidarity shown by Cyprus after the terrorist attacks of November, 13th and also of the long-lasting security cooperation between our two countries, especially regarding fight against terrorimsm.

President Anastasiades took stock of the intercommunal negotiating process and President Hollande reaffirmed the support of France for the inter-Cypriot negotiations aiming at reunifying the island. The importance of the European dimension of the settlement was particularly underlined.

Regarding bilateral relations, seen as excellent by both Presidents, their development in the field of tourism and energy were discussed.


publié le 09/12/2015

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