Human rights Award

The deadline to send candidatures for the 2014 French Republic Human rights Award has been postpone to 1st October.

The French Republic Human rights Award has been created in 1988 and is funded by the Prime Minister Office. It is organized by the Human Rights National Consultative Commission (CNCDH), which is the national institution in charge of promoting and protecting human rights. This award rewards individual or collective actions organized on the ground, without any consideration of nationality or borders, following two themes chosen every year.

This year, the themes are the following:

Theme 1 : child exploitation and trafficking.
Theme 2 : Women’s access to responsibility positions in political, economic, social or cultural life.

Complete applications will have to be sent to the CNCDH before 24 September. They will have to be sent by NGOs wishing to candidate for the award directly to the CNCDH ( et or through the Embassy.

After the proclamation of the results, the 2014 Prize will be solemnly awarded in Paris to the five successful candidates around 10 December 2014, in the name of the French Government.

Appel à candidature :

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publié le 22/09/2014

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