French-Cypriot cooperation on maritime police [el] [fr]


Two experts from the French maritime police conducted an exploratory mission in Cyprus from the 27th to 31st of March along with the Cypriot maritime and port police.
As part of an ambitious program of bilateral cooperation between the two services, this mission was aiming to establish an overview of the organization, the working methods and operational capacities of the Cypriot maritime and port police in preparation of future actions.

For this year, an exchange of military and civil service personnel at the intelligence centers of each of the forces is planned, as well as a training in France next autumn, possibly followed by a one-week immersion in an operational unit.

The possibility of creating, by the 1st of January, a coastguard whose maritime and port policy will be the operational heart, should help to widen this prospect of cooperation in the years to come.

publié le 12/04/2017

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