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France is putting forward its candidacy to host the 2025 World Expo. With the ambitous and contemporary theme of "Sharing our knowledge, caring for our Planet" ExpoFrance 2025 is a invitation to dialogue and rapprochement between peoples.

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Two key issues for the world and for France}} Ten years after the Paris Agreement for the climate, and five years ahead of the target date for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals in 2030, ExpoFrance 2025 will be based on the theme "Sharing our knowledge, caring for our Planet".

The double issue of knowledge and sustainable development is a real challenge for the world.

It is carried by the extraordinary potential of exchanges, collaboration and cooperation open to all countries because of innovation. However, this progress only makes sense if everyone shares in it, with the aim of protecting our planet, valuing cultures and prosperity for all countries.

France is one of the most committed actors in the field of sustainable development. Its involvement in international institutions, its European leadership and contribution to the promotion of Francophonie are decisive assets for making this theme influential and for making this World Expo a success.

Rekindling the spirit of the great World Expos

France was one of the first architects of these great meetings of the whole world. It organised five World’s Fairs in the 19th century (1855, 1867, 1878, 1889, 1900), which were occasions for sparking extraordinary synergies between peoples.

Some of the most famous and most visited monuments of the capital, like the Eiffel Tower, the Petit Palais and Trocadéro are legacies of these great events.

ExpoFrance 2025 will, while drawing on the experience which have made past expos succeed, renew the concept with the help of innovation and new technology.

As a hotbed of science and creativity, the Paris-Saclay plateau will host the Global Village, designed as a place for sharing and exchange. It will offer all countries new opportunities for activity, demonstration, meetings and international promotion.

After 2025, the Global Village will be transformed into a "Universal Campus" to allow countries to welcome the young people – students, entrepreneurs and artists – in the heart of one of the most dynamic sites in the world.

A project supported by all

The whole of France has already been mobilised behind this project, from the President of the Republic to citizens, as well as local bodies, the business world and civil society.

Over recent years, with events like the Euro 2016 and COP21, France has shown its world-class expertise at hosting international events in a totally secure, friendly environment.

Above all, it’s France’s savoir-faire as the world’s top tourist destination which will serve visitors to ExpoFrance 2025 so they enjoy an unforgettable experience.

publié le 13/11/2017

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