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The French Institute proposes, in its new premises, from February 9 to March 4, the exhibition "Energy for a sustainable World". This exhibition is an interactive journey to understand what energy is, how it is manufactured and stored, how it is also and above all managed and husbanded.

Organized by the Centre-Sciences (Regional Center for the Promotion of Scientific, Technical and Industrial Culture), "Energy for a sustainable world" ("Everything is energy") is an itinerant and interactive exhibition aimed at a broad audience. With twenty experiments that visitors will enjoy to perform, the exhibition presents through the current researches the basic principles that allow the conversion of a type of energy into another. The exhibition also raises questions about the future of fossil energies and presents the alternative sources.

Strongly based on interactivity, it suggests 20 experimental trials on tables, as well as an energy bicycle in order for the audience to test the energy possibilities it offers.

Free admission

Energy for a sustainable world :

PDF - 755.2 kb
(PDF - 755.2 kb)

publié le 18/12/2015

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