Cultural Diversity day at the French-Cypriot School of Nicosia (07/02/2015) [el] [fr]

The EFCN is organising its first Day of Cultures on Saturday 7th February 2015 (11:00am – 3:00pm). This open event will give to both parents and children the opportunity to discover and learn about the students’ different nationalities, meet the headmaster, the managing committee and the teachers as well as get information about the school.


Inaugurated in 2012, the French-Cypriot school is part or the Agency for French Teaching Abroad (AEFE) network with 494 schools and over 320 000 students worldwide.
For the third consecutive year, the number of students has significantly increased at the EFCN. This academic year, 232 pupils are registered - 30% more than last year - 147 in primary and 85 in secondary. Many Cypriot families, attracted by the educational offer, have chosen the French-Cypriot school; half of the students are Cypriot. Besides, the school welcomes children of various nationalities, enriching the multicultural environment.
The education provided by the French-Cypriot school is unique both within Cyprus and the global AEFE network. The educational offer relies on one side on the successful cooperation of two streams - one in French language and one in Greek language – with common subjects taught in French language, and on the other side on an efficient foreign language curriculum. English and Greek are taught from nursery school and a third language – Spanish or German – is to be chosen in the 3rd year of secondary. EFCN students who are awarded the French baccalaureate master 4 languages.


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publié le 30/01/2015

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