Celebration of Bastille day at the Residence of France [el] [tr]

The reception to celebrate French national day was held Friday 14 July at the Residence de France, in presence of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr. Nicos Anastasiades and numerous guests. The Ambassador pronounced the following statement.

Mister President
Misters Ministers
Misses and Misters members of the Parliament
Misses and Misters Ambassadors
My fellow compatriots
Dear friends

I thank you, Mister President, for your presence this evening which is a great honor to us. This, once again, shows the relation of trust existing between the Republic of Cyprus and France.

In 2017, France has elected a new President of the Republic and a new National Assembly. Mr. Emmanuel Macron has shown a clear direction to our country: Europe. Meaning a greater solidarity, ambitious and strong answers to re-launch European project for which we share similar ambitions, notably between French and Cypriots.

This solidarity shall be active in all sectors: in economic and financial fields, the environment, migrations but also in areas such as our common defense, which we want to develop further. In this perspective, we value the convergence of our views between France and Cyprus.

Our two countries attach great importance to the Mediterranean dimension of the EU. Cyprus chairs the MED-7 Group, gathering Mediterranean countries of the Union. France supports your initiatives in this framework and wishes to actively contribute to it.

France has supported your courageous efforts and those of Mr. Akinci in favor of the reunification of Cyprus.

She has done so without interfering in the details of the negotiations.

We have stood by your sides in this process. We have been doing so for 43 years at the Security Council of the United Nations. We do so also in the EU. As you know, you can rely on us, be it at the United Nations or at the EU. Our position is clear and does not change. We hope for a fair reunification based on the principles of international law, United Nations parameters and the acquis communautaire.

For us, the republic of Cyprus is a friend and an ally.

This expression is not only about words and I think we have demonstrated it with consistency and we continue to follow this path today.

Our relations are intense :

-  Last June 28, ARIANE spaceship launched the satellite « Hellas 3 » from its base in French Guyana, in presence of the Minister of Transport, Mr. Dimitriades. It is a great cooperation between France, Cyprus and Greece

-  In less than a year :

 France and Cyprus signed a Defense Agreement, a partnership agreement to deepen our cooperation in the main fields of our bilateral cooperation, an agreement in the field of culture. The French Cypriot school is a flagship academic establishment which received this year the visit of the Minister of Education, Mr. Kadis. It is developing very fast, with 300 pupils today, and a majority of young Cypriots among them.

 Two presidential visits took place between France and the Republic of Cyprus. We hope that President Macron - with whom you, Mr. President, discussed at the European Council of June - will come to Cyprus in a close future. Six ministerial visits happened during the last 12 months, among which the very recent visit of Mr. Kasoulides in Paris. We could have also added the parliamentary visits to this list, business circles, academics, lawyers, artists or even sportsmen!

In the field of sport, France has an important ambition that she wants to share with the entire world. Paris is candidate city to host the 2024 Olympic games. We are convinced that Paris has all the required assets to organize such important sport event.

My dear compatriots,

We are lucky to live in Cyprus, a welcoming country where our presence is important and, I think, appreciated.

Our bilateral relations’ quality is implemented in every domain, as I just mentioned. Our private companies are dynamic and want to invest in Cyprus.

Our French community is structured with solid institutions helping the relations between our two countries. I want to greet our elected representative of the community, our Honorary Consuls in Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos, the section of External trade advisors. I also want to greet the associations of French people in Cyprus. The French Cypriot School is constantly growing. Our archeological missions have founded their actions durably with their Cypriot colleagues.

All these players contribute to the quality of our relations on a daily basis. They can all count on the Embassy of France’s support to get help or advices.

Let’s be proud of the French presence in Cyprus, a friendly country which we are fully standing by.

Long life to the Republic of Cyprus
Long Life to France

publié le 13/07/2017

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