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On the occasion of a short tour of four concerts in Europe called “Bristophe Commande”, the French cellist and composer Brice Catherin will also stop at Nicosia.


The concert in Nicosia, at the Cultural Centre of the European University, will be also an opportunity for the audience to listen to older pieces of composersYannis Kyriakides (Cyprus), Kasper Toeplitz (France) and Brice Catherin (France), as well as creations of Evis Sammoutis (Cyprus) and Roland Moser(Switzerland). Along with his creations, Brice Catherin keeps regular contact with traditional forms, through a series of concerts (for cello, violin, piano and bassoon) with improvisation ensembles, chamber music ensembles or philharmonic orchestras.
Concert programme
Brice Catherin (France): Opus 69, version for solo cello (2005), premiere in Cyprus
Evis Sammoutis (Cyprus): Creation for multi-instrumentalist (2015), world premiere
Roland Moser (Switzerland): Creation for multi-instrumentalist (2015), world premiere.
Yannis Kyriakides (Cyprus, Netherlands): Words and Song without word for cello and video (2012), premiere in Cyprus.
Kasper Toeplitz (France): Cello-Titan for cello and electronics (2005), premiere in Cyprus.

Wednesday 10 June 2015 at 8:30pm – Free entrance
European University - Amphi. B - Nicosia

publié le 21/05/2015

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