Arrival in Cyprus of Ambassador designate of France Mrs Salina GRENET-CATALANO [el] [fr] [tr]

Press statement


The new Ambassador designate of France to the Republic of Cyprus, Mrs Salina Grenet-Catalano, arrived on the island on Monday December 7th. She replaces Mrs Isabelle Dumont who left Cyprus back in August after having been appointed to President Emmanuel Macron’s diplomatic office.

A specialist of the Middle East region, Mrs Grenet-Catalano has been previously posted in Beirut, Lebanon, where she held the position of deputy head of mission for the last two years. Previously, Ambassador designate Grenet-Catalano has held various senior positions at the French Ministry for Europe and Foreign Affairs including most recently at its crisis center. Her career also included postings in Italy, Croatia and Syria.

Mrs Grenet-Catalano is recipient of the National Order of Merit (2018). She speaks English, Italian and Arabic.

publié le 04/03/2021

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