Answer of the Ambassador to a question by Cyprus News Agency (07/01/2015) [fr]

Answer of the Ambassador to a question raised by Cyprus News Agency regarding Turkish activities in the Cypriot EEZ and intercommunal negotiations (07/01/2015)

Q : “Could the French Ambassador make a short statement on France’s position on Turkey’s decision to extend the NAVTEX notification it issued for explorations by the seismic vessel Barbaros in Cyprus’EEZ and its the impact on the Cyprus talks?”

R : “France follows a principled and stable position regarding the sovereign rights of Cyprus to explore and exploit its natural resources, which will benefit to all Cypriots once a settlement has been reached to end the division of the island.

France strongly supports the negotiation process through which a political solution can be found, respectful of the agreed UN parameters and EU laws and principles. It is important in this context to refrain acting in a way that could further damage the negotiation process or create tensions in the region. It is also crucial that Cypriots and international actors redouble their efforts to resume the talks to reunify the island.”

publié le 02/02/2015

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